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The Finish

Milestone Cement Plaster

Known for its durability, creative versatility and ability to hold color, Milestone can replicate the smooth and mottled look of Venetian plaster as well as the more monochrome and rough look of concrete.

Milestone plaster may be applied over a large variety of surfaces and can be textured in virtually unlimited ways. The hybridized cement powder in combination with the Fusion acrylic solution allows for the successful use of universal tints for coloration, which result in an unheard of range of color. The addition of different aggregates, including recycled colored glass, further increases the range of possible finishes. With the use of appropriate sealers any finish can be applied in most situations. Walls, floors, ceiling, fireplaces, counters, bathrooms, showers, indoors and outdoors... the possibilities are limitless. 

  • From Contemporary to Tuscan, Milestone can cater to any look
  • Locally manufactured in Seattle
  • Interior and Exterior application
  • Can cover almost any substrate: walls, floors, fireplaces, countertops etc.
  • Available in any color -- we are skilled custom mixers
  • Installed by artisans who learned from and worked with the late Don Miles, developer and creator of Milestone  cement plaster.
  • Similar custom plasters have been used throughout history and can be found in places such as Italy, India, Morroco, and Sweden. Visit our project gallery for world-wide inspiration.

Venetian Lime Plaster

coming soon...